Saturday, November 6, 2010

Preliminary Arguments

There were a few low level fireworks in the courtroom yesterday.  FDLS Mormons, not content with winning the right to testify anonymously behind screens, instructed their lawyer to ask the judge not to admit an important affidavit produced by RCMP Sgt. Terry Jacklin, who had led a 2-year investigation into the polygamous community of Bountiful.

FDLS lawyer Robert Wickett also asked Judge Robert Bauer to limit cross-examinations of Bishop Oler and School Principal Merrill Palmer to the substance of their affidavits.  Wickett argued that they should not have to respond to personal questions.  However, government lawyers stated that the B.C. Attorney General's ministry wanted to file the Jacklin affidavit.  They noted that everything in it is supported by official documents, including birth certificates signed by the fathers, all of which he would be prepared to file as evidence.

Read more here about the witness who withdrew after receiving threats because of her involvement in the case.

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