Friday, August 12, 2011

Taking Credit ..............

The CBC today reported that the Barry Penner, Attorney General of B.C., is crediting his ministry with providing evidence to the Texas authorities which aided the prosecution of Warren Jeffs.

This morning the CBC website contained the following piece:

B.C. has been unable to win polygamy convictions connected to the religious commune of Bountiful, but the province's attorney general is taking credit for helping to prosecute American polygamist leader Warren Jeffs.

Attorney General Barry Penner said his ministry shared information with prosecutors leading up to the life sentence imposed by a Texas court after Jeffs, the self-proclaimed prophet of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, or FLDS, was convicted of sexually assaulting two teen girls.

"We shared [information] with authorities in Texas and I am told that it proved to be useful in the recent prosecution and conviction of Mr. Jeffs," Penner said.

Penner didn't say exactly what details were offered to U.S. prosecutors, but hinted that the information came to light fairly recently.

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  1. BC may wish to take credit for turning in information on pedophiles, but they do not inform citizens of their proposed new family law legislation to take effect in 2011.
    Currently, the BC government is awaiting justice Robert Baumans' decision in the polygamy reference case, prior to releasing their new family law legislation. Legalized polygamy is at stake.
    The government intends to allow multiple spouses under circumstances of "state authorization and sanction" using family property law as the enabler of polygamy.
    BC family law legislation intends to introduce identical rights and obligations to "common law marriages" as found in civil marriage rights and obligations. However, "common law spouses" are able to be in an additional existing civil marriage at the same time! The "subsequent" common law spouse need not consent to "becoming the spouse of a person who has a spouse". Essentially, they will not have the dignity of consenting to have a spouse that is NOT married to another person. Married persons who "lay claim" to spousal rights and obligations with unmarried cohabitants cannot be charged with polygamy and the "subsequent cohabitant spouse" is forced into marital rights and obligations with a civilly married person..